Date Start Time Name of Test Grade Level
7-May-18 8:15 SCREADY ELA 3rd
8-May-18 8:15 SCREADY ELA 3rd
9-May-17 8:15 SCREADY Math 3rd
10-May-18 8:15 SCREADY ELA 4th
11-May-18 8:15 SCREADY ELA 4th
14-May-18 8:15 SCREADY Math 4th
15-May-18 8:15 SC PASS Science 4th
16-May-18 8:15 SCREADY ELA 5th
17-May-18 8:15 SCREADY ELA 5th
18-May-18 8:15 SCREADY Math 5th
21-May-18 8:15 SCPASS Social Studies 5th
22-May-18 8:15 Make-up Testing 3rd-5th
23-May-18 8:15 Make-up Testing 3rd-5th
24-May-18 8:15 Make-up Testing 3rd-5th
25-May-18 8:15 Make-up Testing 3rd-5th
28-May-18 8:15 Make-up Testing 3rd-5th
29-May-18 8:15 Make-up Testing 3rd-5th


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Welcome to Lockhart Schools! We are excited about the 2017-2018 school year and look forward to seeing what great things our students will do. 

LEMS is a "NO BULLY" Campus.
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Thank you for completing our Title I Surveys. This information will be used to plan our Title 1 activities for the 2018-19 school year.  

Title I Parent Survey

Title I Student Survey



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